Peace of Mind in the Sooner State with Solar Energy and a Home Battery

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Solar price decline in last 5 years in Oklahoma.
Oklahoma is the fourth largest consumer of natural gas in the U.S.
Average number of sunny days per year in Oklahoma.

Over 400,000 Oklahomans had no power after the October 2020 ice storm, some for more than 10 days. More than ever, GTFPower is working to help the Sooner State get solar energy, so they are not at the mercy of the power company.  With solar energy, Oklahoma has a more resilient energy system that is clean, affordable, and renewable.

Go Solar in Oklahoma with GTFPower

Over the past decade, the costs of rooftop solar panels and home backup batteries have dropped, making solar energy more cost-effective than ever in Oklahoma.

GTFPower is one of the nation’s leading residential solar and energy storage companies. We can show you how renewable solar energy can power your home during power company outages and how much it can save you. In addition, a residential solar installation helps reduce your impact on the environment. Our easy-to-use analysis tool will show you which GTFPower solar plan, with or without energy storage, is best for your budget and family’s energy needs.

Oklahoma Solar

There’s a GTFPower Solar Plan for Every Budget

Each GTFPower solar plan in Oklahoma has its own unique advantages. You can choose a solar loan or purchase plan with or without a battery backup storage system. No matter what works best for you, we’ll work hard to make sure you benefit from your solar installation for decades to come. GTFPower is one of the best solar installers in Oklahoma. We’ll even help you with the paperwork.

Monthly Loan

Finance your Oklahoma home solar system with little to no up-front cost, fixed monthly payments at a competitive interest rate. Enjoy the same solar energy benefits as paying for your system outright.

System Purchase

When you purchase new GTFPower solar energy panels in Oklahoma, you could increase your home’s value. You may qualify for a federal tax credit, property, and sales tax exemptions, as well as solar rebates.

Solar + Battery Backup

Add GTFPower’s battery storage system to your solar installation to keep your home running during any Oklahoma power outage, on cloudy days, and at night.

High demand for electricity in summer and winter, paired with unpredictable weather, puts Oklahoma at the risk of power blackouts. Keep the lights own when the power company equipment fails.

You can provide backup power for your entire home with a Tesla Powerwall, or you can backup only certain rooms with an LG Chem solar battery.

GTFPower's solar battery system can store clean and affordable backup power at night when there is no sunshine.

GTFPower has an Oklahoma battery storage solution that puts you in charge. It turns on automatically during an outage and works to recharge until the grid's restored.

Unlike generators, GTFPower's solar battery backup system doesn’t run on fossil fuels; it is powered by the sun, so you never have to worry about buying fuel to power it. All GTFPower monthly plans include 24/7 proactive monitoring and maintenance to ensure your system runs smoothly. This alone sets GTFPower's battery backup system apart from other solar batteries.

Oklahoma Solar Incentives, Rebates, and Tax Credits

Incentive Value
Federal Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC)A 30% federal tax credit is available for residential solar systems purchased and installed in Oklahoma by December 31, 2032. The tax credit drops to 26% in 2033 and then to 22% in 2034.
Net Metering PoliciesOklahoma solar owners may sell excess power they generate back to the grid. This program provides an easy way to help reduce your energy costs.
Home Value IncreaseA residential solar system from GTFPower may help increase the value of your Oklahoma home.

Find out If You Qualify for Oklahoma Solar Incentives

Help Us Shape Oklahoma’s Energy Future, Starting Today

Amount of natural gas consumed in Oklahoma used to produce electricity.

GTFPower is proud to help Sooner State families create and store clean energy generated by the sun. Switching to solar means reducing your dependence on fossil fuels, helping make a cleaner Oklahoma, and protecting your home from power company outages and rate hikes.

When you are ready to reap the benefits of solar energy, use GTFPower’s analysis tool or request a free quote. You’ll receive personal, one-on-one service from one of our expert Solar Advisors. Together, we can keep Oklahoma clean and beautiful for generations to come with renewable energy.

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