Going solar doesn’t have to be complicated. Whether you are new to solar or upgrading your system,
GTFPower is your expert personal guide every step of the way.

Together with our customers, GTFPower is dedicated to helping create a more eco-friendly planet run by the sun.

Expert, Personal Service


GTFPower Solar Advisors offer one-on-one, personal consultations to help guide you through all the details of setting up your home or commercial solar system. We are here for you, beginning with understanding your energy needs to installation and service after the sale.

Custom Solar Designs

We custom design every GTFPower solar system using our proprietary software. We do this, so you know your solar system will meet your home's or business' unique energy needs.


The GTFPower Warranty


All of our products with solar panels have a 25-year warranty that includes 100% of parts and labor for repairs.

Choose Your Solar Plan with GTFPower

Customer Stories

"After meeting with two other solar companies, I was not given accurate or complete information and was feeling discouraged. In have always thought all homes in Florida should have been on solar years ago. I met David at an event and set the appointment. I let David do his presentation and then I came in with questions and concerns. David took the time to address them all, he was extremely knowledgeable and professional. I had shared how my electric went up almost $80 a month, and most of my appliances were natural gas and I just received notification it was going up 30 percent. Once I signed the contract, their team kept in communication with me to let me know how permitting was going and setting up the installation. The entire process was professional, and I am so pleased to no longer have extortionate electric bills and doing my part."
— Kimberly, Florida

The Power of the Sun

One hour of sunlight striking any one spot on the earth contains more energy than all humans on the planet consume in a year!
If you are looking for a cost-effective way to illuminate, cool, and heat your home or business, it’s time to look to solar energy.


Customized solar plan for your home